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What I’ve been up to

There’s been quite a delay in the publishing process. When the new cover design appeared on the CreateSpace project page for the book, the title was too high. It was right on the edge. It needed to be shifted down a bit. I’ve now received the updated cover art and have uploaded it, along with the final(?) version of the text. I’ve sent that off to be reviewed so hopefully I will be ordering another proof copy by the end of tomorrow.

In the meantime I’ve been doing some work on Book 2 and editing a short story. I’m hoping to put a collection of short stories out by the end of the year. It’s been nice to get the brain back into coming up with new stuff instead of re-arranging something that’s been written for over a year now. It was strange, it took a long time to get back into the swing of it after so long spent proof reading and correcting.

I’ve also been doing some reading. Last year when I was shifting lots of stuff in my mum and dad’s loft I came across a box containing some of my old paperbacks. I was pleased to find that most of my collection of Edmund Cooper books was amongst them, though I seem to have lost a few of them somewhere. They now occupy the shelf above my desk, just above my laptop, along with some Arthur C Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Fred Hoyle and AE Van Vogt, amongst others.

I’ve started re-reading them and am enjoying them again, although they all seem a bit dated now (both in terms of their technology and attitudes). For anyone interested in Edmund Cooper there is very good web site (www.edmundcooper.dsl.pipex.com) detailing his bibliography. I have most of his novels and short stories. At the moment I’m reading his novel Transit (published in 1964), and his collection of short stories, Voices in the Dark (published in 1956). I have my dad to thank for getting me into Edmund Cooper. Several of the books on my shelf are his old copies (Voices in the Dark, I hasten to add is one of them, being published the year before I was born). I’ve had to buy Kindle versions of some of the older ones because they’re beginning to fall apart.

Recently I was looking through a stack of old sci-fi books at my mum and dad’s deciding on which to rescue. Unfortunately some of the older books have been ruined by wood-worm. I was flicking through one book thinking it looked as if someone had been throwing darts as it, but on closer inspection the holes went through three books, and there was no mistake about it when the things decided to move up and down and across the page, taking out lots of words at a time. What a shame. I binned them. Tomorrow I’m going to check out some more to see if they’re worth hanging on to.