Monthly Archives: February 2020

Short story collection is out!

It’s out! After missing so many targets for releasing my short stories, I gave up setting them, but I can now reveal the collection is finally available on Amazon. The paperback version sells for £6.40, and the Kindle version sells for £1.99 in the UK. Prices are an equivalent amount in other currencies.

The book is called ‘Ape to Astronaut’ and consists of nine short stories ranging from the dawn of mankind through to the far future.

The Price of Fur – Winter is coming. Food is becoming scarce. The priority is to kill an animal large enough to feed them till spring. But there are newcomers in the area, with an altogether different objective.

Vicious circle – In a future where misdemeanours are punished by the erasure of all memories to create a ‘new’ reformed individual, a young girl’s reprogramming begins to fail.

Incident on Sibson-4 – The off-world prison colonies are a success story, as far as everyone on Earth is concerned. But a darker side to their existence exists, which needs to be exposed.