Monthly Archives: April 2019

Oh no, still one more story to do

Having finished what I thought was the last story for the short story collection, I generated a table of contents for the book and counted the number of stories. Eight.
My original plan was to have nine. The cover blurb says there are nine. On the back cover, I’ve included a brief synopsis of three of the stories. One of the three is the missing story.
So, I have a choice. Change the cover, or include the ninth story. I gave it a quick read, and it needs quite a lot of work. At the moment I’m working through it to see how much needs to be done.
The trouble is, I don’t have much time in the next month to devote to editing, and I still want to go through all the other stories again to check for any last minute changes.
I would like to include the ninth story, so I think I’ll see where I am in a couple of weeks. If it looks like there is too much to do then I’ll switch to an eight story collection. With eight, the page count is 188. Including the ninth story increases it to about 220 (depending on how much I change it).