Monthly Archives: March 2019

Why I’ll never be a prolific writer

I still haven’t finished my collection of short stories.

Too many things seem to get in the way of my writing.

We’ve just returned from a trip of over two weeks, visiting children and old friends in various locations across the UK. A lot of driving, but very enjoyable, and for the most part, exceptional weather for the time of year. Only downside was no writing done.

At home the garden is a never ending distraction, particularly when it is left unattended for 17 days. I normally restrict this activity to after lunch. This year I’m doing some landscaping, so I’ll need to find extra time to spend outside.

This year also, a couple of rooms need redecorating. Painting doesn’t take a long time, but the moving everything before, and putting back afterwards will probably take even longer.

My involvement with the local dog club continues to takes up a significant amount of my time. I’m the chairman, and I run the dog agility section. In addition, I produce all the posters, the newsletter and do a lot of the club’s typing, as well as helping with the club’s accounting. I run the club blog and update it as infrequently as I do my own!

I’ve been doing my family history for many years now (since I was 15), and every so often I have a surge of enthusiasm in this direction. More and more information is becoming available on the internet, so the job will never be finished. A friend recently gave me some notes someone had given him on his family history and asked if I could corroborate the information and maybe find anything else out for him. I rose to the challenge, forgetting I was trying to get my short stories completed. I handed a 20 page document to him this week with far more information than he already had. Anyway, now that’s out of the way I have returned to the short stories. Still just the one to complete, but at least I’m working on it now.

The cover design is almost complete. We just have to wait for the final story to be incorporated so we know the width of the spine.

Then I need to work out how to get the book up to Kindle as a paperback. With my previous two books, I have created the paperback version first on CreateSpace and then uploaded a version to KDP to create the Kindle version. As KDP have taken over the function of CreateSpace, I’ll need to take some time over the set up of the paperback this time, to make sure I get it right.

And then, when that’s all out of the way, I’ll get cracking on the final instalment of the Supremacy trilogy. At least I have a good idea where the storyline is going. All I need is to be able to devote large chunks of time to it.