Monthly Archives: September 2017

Book 2 almost there

At last my second novel, Times of the Changes, is out being read. When I finished it and looked at the page count, I couldn’t believe I’d written exactly the same number of pages as in the first book, Betrayal. If I don’t radically change the page count during editing, I can use the same dimensions for the cover design, which will speed up the whole process.

I’ve had some ‘work in progress’ feedback already which has enabled me to be editing while the readers are still reading.
Isn’t it strange that no matter how many times you read and re-read your own work, you fail to pick up on some quite silly errors. I guess, because it’s our story, we read what we thought we wrote and not what is printed on the page. That’s the advantage of having a few others cast their eyes over our scribblings.

Another advantage is that they pick up on inconsistencies. A big problem I suffer from is chopping and changing events and then not catching all the dependent pieces of text. As the writer, when I read the story, in my head I also know some of the deleted or changed backstory, and I don’t always pick up on the fact that it’s no longer there when a reference is made to it. I assume it’s there because I remember writing it. I don’t always remember I then removed it, or changed it.

The feedback so far indicated a certain amount of confusion when reading chapter 7, so I re-visted it, re-thought it and have now re-written it to make it easier to understand.

I’m still hopeful it will be released this year.

In the meantime, I must get restarted on the book of short stories. I have two left to finish (one is an old story and one is a brand new story), then it will be ready to go. This will probably end up being released early next year now.