Monthly Archives: September 2016

Writing Again

After everything that has happened this year, I’m pretty confident about saying I’ll miss the two targets I set for myself during 2016. Both the second volume of the Supremacy Trilogy and the short story collection are unlikely to be out this year. The good news, however, is that I’m getting back into the swing of writing.

I’m editing the first part of Times of the Changes, the follow-up to Betrayal, although I’ve still got to write a few connecting chapters near the end, to tie it all together.

At the same time, I’m working on the short story collection. Five stories included so far. I want at least 8 stories, so 3 more to go. I was editing an old time travel story, but after a lot of thought, I’ve decided to put that one hold for a while, and am now writing a new one for inclusion.

Outside writing, my mum’s injury appears to be responding to treatment. The nurse who changes the dressing twice a week seems happy with the progress. I’m also back at the agility, wearing an ankle support, and running round the field trying to control the dog over/through all the obstacles. I’m still taking care, however. Don’t want to reverse my recovery. We’ve also had two long weekends away during September which meant no writing: one at my son’s place in Derbyshire close to the Peak District, the other at my uncle’s in the Yorkshire Dales. My relatives live in some nice places! Visiting them is the kind of distraction I don’t mind having.

More Woes

In my last post I mentioned my mother-in-law had gone into hospital again. Sadly, this time, she didn’t come out, taking the same downward spiral as my dad. We returned home last Saturday after the funeral in the village of Bulkington in Warwickshire.

I thought I was in a position to start getting back into writing again without too many more distractions, but yesterday we went over to see my mum on Anglesey (about an hour to get there) to find she is suffering from a nasty gash in her leg, picked up from my sister’s car door. It’s not healing very well. On Sunday she was given antibiotics, and yesterday seemed to suffer an allergic reaction to them. My sister took her to the doctor this afternoon, but as she can’t make the follow-up appointments tomorrow and Friday, I’m going to take her.

On a happier note, we’re going over to my son’s place in Derbyshire on Saturday for a few days, which will hopefully involve a trip to watch some cricket on Monday (weather permitting).

So perhaps I’ll start writing again properly next week, and just try and fit as much in as I can around everything else that’s happening this week.