Monthly Archives: July 2016

Conspiracy to stop me writing

May and June haven’t been good writing months. My return to writing was brief. I already knew May would be bad because of taking a week off for my wife’s 60th birthday celebrations with her family in Derbyshire, and then a ten day break (spilling over into June) in Malta for my son’s wedding, as detailed in the previous post.

My mum had come out of hospital after a six week stay during which I did little writing, before our first break, While we were away in Derbyshire, my mother in law became ill and was taken into Derby Hospital, and then, back in Wales, my dad became ill and was taken into Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor.

The first time we went to see my dad after we got home, I knew it was bad. From that evening we maintained a bedside vigil for the next few days, until he died. We then had the business of organizing a funeral and sorting out as much of his affairs as we could before going to Malta. We planned and ‘performed’ the funeral ourselves – an informal burial only. I said a few words about him (well quite a lot really), and then invited others to chip in before we lowered the coffin into the ground. I was pleased several others were moved to say a few words as well. The ‘DIY’ format we chose for the occasion seemed to be appreciated by everyone there, with some even commenting they would like something similar when they go.

While we were planning the burial, my mother in law, who had come out of Derby Hospital the day before we came home from Derbyshire, got taken into Solihull hospital, giving us more to worry about. She came out of hospital the day before we travelled to Malta, but still gives us cause for concern.

The dog training club we belong to has taken up a lot of our time recently as well. This is its 30th anniversary year, and we became involved in setting up and running a fun day, which was well supported (making the effort worthwhile).

Last weekend we had my wife’s granddaughter and son-in-law to stay. Again, no chance to write.

So with one thing and another, writing has been shelved for a long time. Although I’m still trying to deal with various issues concerning my dad’s estate, and trying to tame the now overgrown garden (it got neglected as well), I’m now in a position to resume the writing. I’ve begun editing chapter 2 of the follow-up to Betrayal to make it sit better with the revised start. I’m not sure what to do about the short story I’m working on at the moment. I’ve chopped and changed it so much, I think it needs a lot of work to put right. I might even abandon that one for now. I’ll spend a bit more time thinking about this one.

Also, I have to admit I’ve been distracted by Facebook coverage of the referendum here in the UK over our relationship with the European Union. It became compulsive ‘viewing’ in the run up to the vote, and indeed, in its immediate aftermath.

On the positive side, the holiday in Malta gave me a few ideas for stories which might one-day appear in print. And my son’s wedding was a memorable day, in the ornate setting of the Palazzo Parisio, in Naxxar.