Monthly Archives: May 2016

Writing again

Why do things conspire to stop me writing?

I’ve begun to get back into the writing, but things are still intruding on my writing time. I’m pleased to say my mum is out of hospital as of yesterday, after a six week stay. I’ve also been doing a lot of work for the dog training club I belong to, ready for the AGM, which was two¬†nights ago. I’m now on the committee, so more work no doubt. The garden is in danger of getting out of hand and the seedlings won’t wait to go in for much longer before they get past it.

I won’t get much opportunity to write over the next few weeks. We’re on a week break with my wife’s family, in Derbyshire, as part of her 60th birthday celebrations. Then we’re back for about a week and a half before we fly out to Malta for a ten day holiday, during which my son will be getting married over there.

Everything seems against me at the moment. But I have managed to replace the first four chapters of the follow up book to Betrayal, by a single chapter. I’ll run it by my wife¬† – she wasn’t happy with the previously long introduction. I’ve reduced the word count from around 101k to 89k. It’s still too long considering I’ve yet to write some bits of the ending. My next task is to tackle chapter 2, which I think is too long, so I’ll cull that and then see how it looks.