Monthly Archives: November 2015

Juggling home life

My regime of writing book two of the Supremacy in the mornings and doing editing of old short stories in the evening, with gardening and dog related activities in the afternoon, is not working particularly well. My wife complained she never sees me, so I have been for forced to rethink the strategy.

We’ve now agreed I can work that way Monday to Thursday but for the rest of the week, I leave the evenings clear and we do something together, even if it’s just watching the television. Our viewing has been mixed so far.

We watched a very amusing film the other night on Netflix – ‘What we did on our Holiday’, with Billy Connelly and David Tennant amongst others. But the limelight was stolen by the three child actors playing the parts of children from London who travelled up to the north of Scotland to visit their grandfather. Excellent film. Some of the lines delivered by the children were brilliant. I wish I could think up stuff like that. Brilliant. Highly recommended.

On the other hand we have also watched a real turkey of a film. ‘Left Behind’ with Nicholas Cage, I can only describe as a ‘right buttock’ of a film. Bad acting, cheesy script, almost every stereotype you could wish to imagine, all in the same place at the same time, special effects and scenery that would have looked good had it been used in a fifties or sixties film. All I can say is, my wife fell asleep watching it – that’s how good it was. I stuck it out to the end, mainly because she was leaning against me, and the dog was sprawled across the pair of us, so I couldn’t reach the iPad to kill it. I was left thinking how embarrassed I would be if I were responsible for something like this one.

So two contrasting films to start with. Not sure what we’re watching this coming weekend, but I suspect we’ve already watched the worst film on Netflix now, so it’s uphill from here. But the main point is, it has allowed us to spend some much needed time together. I guess I had become a little blinkered and too highly focussed on the writing, which is not good for a relationship. She retires from teaching after Christmas, so will have more time then (no marking and lesson planning) so we’ll no doubt schedule more walks together with the dog at the weekends.

Does anyone else have trouble juggling their desire/need to write with family life. How do you get around the clash of interests and responsibility?