Monthly Archives: October 2015

Third short story

I’m now editing the third story about a child from a broken home in a future authoritarian society.

I’m dithering about the start of ‘Times of the Changes’ the second book in the Supremacy trilogy. Whether to throw Brad into the middle of a battle right from the off, or be a bit more subtle about it and lead him to it after discovering a ‘cleansed’ world where there shouldn’t be any. I’m thinking of going for the action start to grab the reader’s attention.

Took a trip to the beach (about 10 minutes away) with the dog this afternoon as the sun was going down. Fantastic sunset. Took a few photos. Had to post some of them.


Boat Trip

After the euphoria of becoming published, I’m now knuckling down and working on book two of the Supremacy trilogy. My target for its completion is around the middle of next year.

I’m also working on a collection of old short stories which I had hoped would be ready by the end of the year, but this will spill over in to next year now, as it’s taking rather longer than I expected to edit them. So far I have completed one, about the appearance of a velociraptor in modern day Utah, and am currently in the process of editing a second one about time travelling hunters collecting furs.

So, it’s busy times as I try to get the two books ready for publication.

Anyway, a break from the writing today as we went on a power boat trip from Beaumaris (about 35 mins drive from home), on the Isle of Anglesey, in North Wales. We were supposed to go out to Puffin Island, on the eastern tip of Anglesey, and around it, but the sea got a bit choppy and the ride became a bit bumpy. And we were beginning to get wet, so rather than risk going round the island the captain decided to take us up the Menai strait to look at the two bridges crossing from the mainland to Anglesey.


We spent nearly two and a half hours in the boat, and saw many of the things with which we are familiar from a different angle. The trip was enhanced by the information supplied by the captain, who is also the town mayor.

It was a bit cold, but fortunately we were well wrapped up, and were the only ones to have come kitted out in waterproofs, so although I said we got wet, we didn’t actually get wet, but the other passengers did! It’s the wrong time of year to see puffins on Puffin Island, but we saw plenty of cormorants, and a few razorbills, a lot of herons and oyster catchers, and more egrets in one place, on a tiny island in the strait, than I have ever see together. A number of seals slept on the shore of Puffin Island, undisturbed by our presence in a noisy boat – they’ve probably see it so many times before – What? Another boat? Yawn.


Viewing the bridges from beneath was interesting. It must have been dangerous work building them in the early nineteenth century (although the modern Britannia bridge replaced the original which was burned down in the late 1960’s. I remember that event and the fact there were no mainline trains to Holyhead for years afterwards, until the replacement was built which utilised the original stone parts of Stevenson’s bridge.


The trip was paid for by my son, who bought the trip as a birthday present earlier this year. So thanks to him for a wonderful experience. Also thanks to Seawake Anglesey Boat Trips and our Captain, Jason, for an interesting trip.