Monthly Archives: July 2015

Final checking

I’ve read through the CreateSpace proof copy many times now, and infuriatingly, I keep finding things that need changing. I guess I could go on doing this for the next year, until I’m really happy with the result. But I won’t. I need to be getting stuck in to the follow-up book, which has been placed on one side while I do all this editing.

I’ve also read the version on my Kindle as well and found things. I think the medium you read it on helps determine how much you will find, possibly due to line breaks being in different places. I discovered that on occasion, I didn’t read all the way to the end of a line or the very start of the next line, even when reading it out loud to myself. I keep reading what I meant to write. The trick I found with reading aloud was not to read it as you think it would sound as an audio book, but to try and do it slowly, a word at a time, in almost monotone. And when I’m reading silently, to myself, I force myself to slow down occasionally by imagining my words being spoken by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800! At least it makes me read every word (most of the time).

Anyway, the CS proof copy is covered in hi-lighter markings now, but I think I’ve finished the editing now. I’m still trying to sort out a few glitches with using Sigil, to create the file to upload to KDP (rather than just uploading an html file). It’s just about there now. I’ll write about it in another post, detailing the issues it created and how I got round them (had to do some html editing).

In the meantime, my cover has been redesigned. My son’s girlfriend has come up with a much nicer design. Just a couple of issues with it at the moment, the main one being the placement of the title and author too close to the edge. Think they might get trimmed! When that has been completed, I’ll be ready to order another proof copy, which I will read (again). It will be nice to read one without all the coloured markings.

When I finally finish with Sigil, which should be soon now, I’ll read it on the Kindle as well to see if I can detect any more changes.

So it’s nearly there. I keep saying that, but I feel it is a lot closer now than it was, and I’m glad I’ve picked out most of the errors (well I hope I have!) rather than some reviewer on Amazon doing it.

Hopefully, I’ll get a picture of the cover up shortly for a comparison between the current one and the new one.