Betrayal uploaded to CreateSpace

I’ve uploaded the text and the cover for my first novel into CreateSpace (Amazon’s Print on Demand service). It’s currently under review and I hope all will be well tomorrow when I get the response from them.

I wrote the novel using OpenOffice, so I when I had finished I exported the final version as a PDF file ready to upload.

Signing onto CreateSpace to submit my work was an exciting moment. Filling in the fields identifying the book really gave me the impression that the 18 months spent writing it were actually coming to fruition. The book title is Betrayal and it is the first volume (of three) in a series called The Supremacy.

I followed the CreateSpace ‘guided setup’ which I thought a prudent choice for my first attempt at uploading.

I allowed CreateSpace to assign me an ISBN (I could have supplied one – if I was prepared to pay for one, and if I knew how!). It feels like I’m getting close to publishing now!

I went back to the novel and included the ISBN on the copyright page and exported the file to PDF again.

During the interior setup, I selected the smallest size available (5x8inches). This is bigger than what I considered as a standard paperback size when I was growing up. I measured one of the books on the shelf above my desk – about 4 and 5 sixteenths x 7 inches. CreateSpace actually recommend 6×9 inches. Isn’t that getting a bit big to read in bed?

I’ve chosen to go with cream paper. I’m not sure if this will be a mistake yet or not. Is white more suitable for science fiction/space opera? I don’t know. It did occur to me that it might be a more valid choice for something like an historical novel. I’ll have to wait and see the proof copy to make up my mind. If I decide to change it, I’ll have to amend the cover because the spine won’t be quite as thick with white paper.

Then the moment I had been waiting for. I uploaded the file. It went through their automated print check routine ok. I started the interior reviewer and quickly spotted a problem with the paragraph formatting at the start of chapter 5 so it was back to the editing. I also spotted a problem with the page numbering. Really weird. When the new chapter started on a right-hand page it retained the same page number as the previous page. The next page and subsequent pages were correct. It took me a long time to figure out what was going on. Anyway I resolved it and re-uploaded the file.

I created my cover in the OpenOffice Draw program. Because it included transparency I wasn’t able to export to PDF (think I need to upgrade). I used a web based conversion tool. converted the finished image from odg format to pdf. If I sell enough copies I might revisit the cover and pay for a professional design.

I uploaded the cover pdf and submitted the uploaded files for review. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll hear if they are ok, or not.

Not long now!

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