Setting up for Kindle Publishing

With the CreateSpace document almost ready to go I’ve started the process of getting a Kindle version ready as well.

I set up an account with Amazon Kindle Direct (I was able to sign on with my normal Amazon sign-on) and updated the information they require, like bank details etc. It was very similar to the process for CreateSpace and included the ‘Tax Interview’.

At least this time I had an idea of how to respond to the questions, so I sailed through it and produced the form W-8BEN-E for Tax withholding, to ensure I don’t pay taxes both sides of the Atlantic. As a recap for anyone new following, I live in the UK and to take advantage of the tax treaty between the US and the UK whereby I can pay tax over here instead, I need to complete form W-8BEN-E for the IRS. Luckily Amazon take care of its production through the ‘Tax Interview’ process. As I already have an EIN and I used it for the CreateSpace registration, I used it here as well (although it’s now possible to use a UK NI number instead). I just had to remember to declare myself as an organization to be able to input the EIN. Their system doesn’t have a category for self-employed sole-trader. Although technically I’m not that yet as when I phoned HMRC they said to register as such after I had put something up to Amazon. So that’s something not to forget.

I downloaded a document from the KDP site called ‘Building Your Book for Kindle’. Its Word specific but it’s useful anyway. I use OpenOffice, but I suspect I’ll have to convert the final document to Word when I’m done because that’s what KDP prefer. So, using the downloaded document I’ve made a start on formatting a Kindle version of my novel.

3 thoughts on “Setting up for Kindle Publishing

  1. Sean McCann

    Hello Brian,

    Hope you don’t mind if I pick your brains?

    Yesterday I signed up with KDP, filled out the US tax stuff (remarkably easy these days it seems compared to horror stories out there from an earlier era), and began to convert my manuscript as indicated by the very helpful guidance on the KDP site.

    Then I realised I’d forgotten about CreateSpace for the physical book.

    The CreateSpace site seems a lot less user-friendly so I’d rather do the e-book with KDP and only deal with CS for the physical book. Is this possible do you know? I get the distinct impression that CS is the designated Amazon entity that handles authors who want to produce both an e-book and a physical one, but you seem to be going down the route that I want to i.e. do everything on the e-book through KDP.

    Thanks for any guidance you can provide. I have actually emailed CS but I have a feeling they’ll direct me towards using them for everything, which I’m reluctant to do so I wouldn’t mind an independent opinion.




    1. Brian Anthony Post author

      Hi Sean,

      Yes. I am trying to do both independent of each other. Except I’ve started with the printed version. I’m also learning as I go along. As I understand it there is nothing to stop us doing both the CreateSpace and Kindle versions for ourselves.

      CreateSpace will do the conversion to Kindle, if you pay them, which is why I guess they would want to push us in that direction. I’m tending to look on the pessimistic side and thinking I might not be lucky enough to sell sufficient books to make a profit of $79, in which case I’m out of pocket. I’ve applied the same reasoning to cover design. In fact I’m trying to do everything myself to minimise costs. If it doesn’t sell then at least it isn’t an expensive flop. If on the other hand it does sell then I might consider a professional cover. I read somewhere, once, that the cover designers are quite likely to make more out of a book than the author! I’m assuming I fall into that category for now.

      The reason I concentrated on the CreateSpace version first was because there seemed to be more work involved and I wanted to minimise the gap between the availability of the printed and ebook versions. Another advantage is I can order a proof copy of the book, which I have done. I think it’s often easier to spot errors in a printed copy than on a screen. However, If I do find any issues it means I have to do three lots of editing though – once to the CS version, once to the KDP version and once to the original completed manuscript in OpenOffice format – just to keep things consistent.

      I don’t think there are any problems with linking the printed and kindle versions on Amazon, as long as the title and author information is identical. I’ve read that it may take a while for the link to be made and some people have had to email them to get them to make the link. I’ll face that problem if and when I get there.

      I have to admit, that having created a KDP html file, I’ve rather stalled on the KDP front. I’ve been concentrating on the CS side of things and also getting ideas down for the follow up book (while they’re fresh in my head – there’s nothing worse than having forgotten to write good thoughts down). I think maybe I need to get back on track and at least be ready to go with it at the same time as the printed version.



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