Soon going to publish

Well I have just finished converting my first novel, Betrayal, into the format required by CreateSpace. It has taken some time. I initially started with one of the templates they provide. These are for Word. I use OpenOffice but they work ok. I found the whole process a bit cumbersome so I created my own page and paragraph styles and set about applying them to the document. It was an interesting experience determining how a published paperback is formatted. I had a stack of novels next to me to use for reference as I went through the process, picking and choosing which elements seemed ‘right’. I’ll consolidate the styles into a template for future use (if it works ok).

Having completed the process I am now left with formulating the text for the copyright page and completing the last couple of pages detailing the follow-up book and my contact details. So I need my thinking cap on to come up with a title for the second book which is currently at around 50,000 words. I also need to sort out a Facebook page (and start using it). I’m not very familiar with social media so I guess I’m going to have to learn quite quick. My wife is the expert in our house (despite me having worked in the computer industry for all of my working life! I guess I was never interested in the social side of it before.)

Some months ago I started designing a cover. It’s probably not the best but I can’t afford to pay anyone to do it at the moment. I’m working on completing it at the moment. I might revisit this at a later date once I’m more familiar with the setup.

So I’m almost there. I’ll be starting the publishing process soon. I’ll describe the experience soon.

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