Tax updates (at last)

I forgot to mention that at the start of last month I sent another letter to the IRS in an attempt to prompt them into action, after having spent ages on the phone trying to get through.

With no response coming from the IRS I decided, yesterday, to get things moving at this end by phoning HMRC to register myself as ‘self-employed sole trader’. They said it was probably best not to do anything until I’ve actually put something up on Amazon. So I’ll come back to this later then (but hopefully not too much later as I’m not far off being ready).

My intention was to wait until the evening and then phone the IRS again to see if I could get through. But guess what! A few hours after talking to HMRC the phone rang and it was the IRS answering my query. It seems that I have been worrying unnecessarily and it is ok to leave the record as it is. They said they could include a middle initial or a middle name or leave it as is, so I opted to leave things as they were.

‘Supremacy – Betrayal’ is out being read again at the moment. Hopefully there won’t be too much in the way of alteration when it comes back this time. Then I’ll be in a position to publish. In the meantime I’m ploughing on with the follow-up novel. I’ve set myself a tough target this year, to complete books 2 and 3. I suspect I might fail, but if I can get close to being ready with book 3 I won’t complain. The end of it is already written, though it will probably need amending by the time I get there if I do something unforeseen like writing out one of the characters currently involved in the final scene!

When I get a moment I’m going to get back to finishing the set-up of my CreateSpace account, and also start setting up a Kindle account so the book will be available in hard copy and ebook. Then I need to learn how to format for both platforms.

I wish there were more hours in a day.

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