Novel title and synopsis

I think I’ve arrived at a title for the novel referred to in my opening post. The novel will be the first part of a trilogy (I’ve already written the final scene of the third book so I know where I’m headed with it). It will be called The Supremacy: Betrayal.

I’ve also drafted a synopsis for it:

After thousands of years the Earth based Supremacy controls a vast galactic empire in which nothing lives unless it is human.

For one man this certainty of existence is turned upside down when he crash lands his fighter on an uninhabited world only to find that an enemy fighter has done the same.

How will he come to terms with the fact that for both of them, survival depends upon the other. Brad Johnson’s road to enlightenment is fraught with mistrust, uncertainty and suspicion.

And what place is there back in the Supremacy for a man with his dangerous newly acquired ideas?

The book is still being proof read at the moment and I’m awaiting comments.

Meanwhile I’m cracking on with books two and three.

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